Thursday, August 19, 2010

What Is and Isn't Allowed At PhotoBucket - A Few Examples



May I say that both depictions above are historical and pre-date (although the top one is based in other than historical records) the Third-Reich's distortion of them. The lower Swastika was, however, a good key to understand where this distortion is rooted.

ALLOWED (Click Photo for Full Effect)

NOT ALLOWED (click to enlarge)

The lower drawing (mine... don't laugh), was drawn for Draw Muhammad Day. It was a way of saying -- in support of the South Park creators -- that no one should fear drawing anyone! I don't, so I did. This is the height of political and religious freedom, the only thing disrespectful about it is the truth in the history... that's all. Even thought the drawing of Jesus is disrespectful, I would never tell the artist to remove it. Or have any inkling of violence against him. Unlike Muslims.

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